"It seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit"(Acts 15/28)


Catholic understanding of evangelisation
by: archbishop christopher prowse

evangelisation in a synodal way
by: dr. patrick macardle

Discerning Spiritual Gifts

by: Clara Geoghegan

Carrying Forward the
Plenary Council (ACBC, 2023)

by: Sharon Brewer

Approaching An Archdiocesan Assembly (end 2024)

by: Fr John Woods and Huw

A Catholic understading of evangelisation
BY: arcbishop christopher prowse

evangelisation in a synodal way
by: dr. patrick macardle

listening and responding to the plenary council of australia
BY:Sharon brewer

approaching an archdiocesan
assembly (end 2024)

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We reflect on evangelization through two Gospel texts – John 4:5-30 (the Samaritan woman) and Luke 24:13-35 (Emmaus disciples). Encounter Jesus, become disciples, and embrace a missionary, Marian, and synodal style. All the Church, all the Gospel, all the World, all the Time.




Synodality and walking together as the foundation for a DPC (Diocesan Pastoral Council) and its journey towards integrity in action. It emphasizes listening, dialogue, discernment, and a community guided by the Spirit. The focus is on becoming a synodal community on a journey of growth.


Welcome & Opening Address Archdiocesan Synod

Welcome to the Archdiocesan Synod, a sacred journey of synodality. Embracing our baptismal vocation, we listen, dream, and discern together, guided by the Holy Spirit, towards unity and co-responsibility.




Discerning our
Spiritual Gifts

Emphasizes the importance of discerning one’s vocation and charisms, supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit. It highlights the transformative power of charisms in fulfilling God’s plan and being missionary disciples.



The Instrumentum Laboris guides the synodal journey, emphasizing dialogue, unity, and global challenges. It calls for continued growth in a synodal Church, drawing from local Church experiences.


Carrying Forward the
Plenary Council

Catholics worldwide engaged in significant processes. In Australia, 222,000 participated in the Fifth Plenary Council, focusing on a Christ-centered Church. Pope Francis invited the Universal Church to a synodal journey. Decree One addresses reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.